London Day 4 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

2014_LondonWeek1_bs-12Well the morning of day four started off promising...and then it started raining, but we continued on to our adventure. A group of us got together Friday morning to go to Stonehenge and headed out. First we had to take two different tube rides (there are like a gazillion different tube lines you can take) just to get to the train station. I was so excited to take the train though because I have never taken a train before and it was spectacular! I was in absolute awe, the scenery was stunning!!! Here is a photo of our train and of course a group train selfie :)IMG_5399 IMG_5402After a hour and a half train ride through the rain we finally made it to Stonehenge...or so we thought. Once we got off the train we had to get on a bus that would take us to Stonehenge and that ride might have been more beautiful than the train ride! IMG_5409 IMG_5411FINALLY we arrived at Stonehenge...except we still weren't there yet and it was absolutely freezing! It's not warm to begin with here and then you add some rain and wind and this Arizonan felt like she was in Antarctica! After the bus dropped us off we had to walk to the area where they would then take us on a trolley to get to Stonehenge. This is my 'I'm freezing' selfie and here is a group photo of us on the trolley! IMG_5420 10363512_706779459360428_947134522536602643_nI'm sure we looked so ridiculous getting off the trolley in the pouring rain and our umbrellas were blowing around everywhere! IMG_5425But 4 1/2 hours later we arrived at Stonehenge and it was beautiful! Lots of selfies happened there :) Even though the weather was not ideal we still had an awesome time and such a memorable experience with awesome people!!! IMG_5423 First Stonehenge photo...what a winner :)IMG_5432

IMG_5437 IMG_5438 IMG_5439 IMG_5442 10390922_708787935826247_6777755816240790709_n We love group selfies!10416584_708788435826197_201686604860411860_n IMG_5446