London Day 3 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Day 3 of London! It was kind of a catch up day and it was our first day of class and I was actually excited. I am taking a British Life and Culture class and Identity of Space and Place. As much as I love my business classes it's nice to be taking something other than an business class! I spent the morning wandering around a bit and of course got lost, but I can't even be upset when I get lost because this place is so beautiful and I feel like I can never see enough of it! Here is my adventure selife ;)IMG_5396I had to buy a notebook for my class and after searching for the supplies section at the grocery store I finally found a notebook and quickly realized that it is called a 'jotter pad'. IMG_5344After my first class I was in search for food so I stopped at a little cafe called Le Pain and got a croissant and a side of ham. It's so different here service wise compared to the states. (That's what they call America :)) They don't bug or check on you at all. Some places will, but with this particular place I am pretty sure the waiter said less than ten words to me. He came took my order, then brought me my food, then brought me my check and that was it. I've also learned that if you are in a hurry here don't sit down to eat because most people sit down to eat to socialize and hang out, where as in America lots of the time we go just to eat and leave...people here like to linger, which is a nice change of pace. IMG_5342It was one of the guys birthday, so of course we had to celebrate! First we went to this AWESOME burger place called Byron's where I had the best Oreo milkshake I have EVER had!! It's so funny how people can tell almost instantaneously that we are Americans without even talking to us. Most of the time we travel is huge groups of people...they don't do that here in London and we are pretty loud...people aren't very loud in London either. At Byron's though the server was awesome to us and made sure we were taken care of. IMG_5356After dinner we ended up at a place called Pings and it was so cool! They had ping-pong tables set up were you could play ping pong or even beer pong. It was an awesome atmosphere and we had a great time celebrating a birthday there! IMG_5358 Day 4 was one for the books to be sure to check back for that one!