London Day 2 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

We started off day two with an orientation where we got the basic run down of things around London and then headed out to our bus tour! First we met our awesome tour guide Nigel, and then headed to Westminster Abbey. IMG_5292 Above is Nigel and below is the courtyard outside Westminster Abbey. This was the only spot we could take photos and while it is definitely beautiful it does not do it justice. The inside was spectacular. Every inch of that building was gorgeous. The ceilings were amazing and all the stained glass was unreal. My most favorite thing about this building and pretty much every building in London is the architecture. Everything is so beautifully made and taken care of.  IMG_5293

After the Westminster Abbey we went on a bus tour through London. Now I have a little disclaimer, we just landed yesterday and the jet lag was definitely kicking in, so during the bus tour half of our group may or may not have taken a nap...including myself :) I wanted to say awake so bad because I wanted to see everything, but my eyes just didn't agree. BUT what I did see was amazing! It was so fun getting to see so many different places in just a couple of hours. Here are some snap shots of the bus tour. IMG_5299 IMG_5301 IMG_5302 IMG_5304 IMG_5305

You may think our day ended here, but it didn't. After our bus tour we were taken back home and then shortly departed for our first play! We went and saw The Commitments at the Palace Theatre and it was really cool! It was difficult to understand because they had an Irish accent and talked faster than me...and if you know me that means it was really fast! And I may or may not have dozed off again here...It was a long day okay! :) Here are some pics at the play!10366097_492461577553384_4628820753527675752_nIMG_5313IMG_5319And after the play there is a bar that gives you a free drink if you show your ticket so after the play we headed there. It was a super awesome place called O'Neil's, which is an Irish pub in the middle of China Town...I know we thought it was weird too. Of course since I was there I had to try Guinness for the first time and sadly I hated it, but what I did like about it was they put a four-leaf clover design into the foam! It's kind of hard to see, but it's there. We had such an awesome time and once we got home it was time for bed and to get ready for day three!IMG_532110376859_10202006305987269_4596459116830092579_nLong escalator rides to the tube to get home always call for a group selfie :) IMG_5333