London Day 1 | Adventures of Brooke Marcella | Brooke Marcella Photography

Well I have officially been in London for one week! It is beyond amazing! I am absolutely in love with this city! Day 1: As I boarded the plane I still couldn't believe I was on my way to just seemed so surreal. All the flight attendants had accents which made it even more real. When we boarded the flight the first thing I saw was these nice seats that turned into bed and I was sooo excited, but then I quickly realized that those seats were not for us HAHA! We sat in a little less luxury seats ;) It was a longggg nine-hour flight and tried to kill time by sleeping and then quickly realized that it wasn't going to happen to I decided to watch three movies...yes three movies. We had a smooth flight and got out of the airport with no trouble. But I would do it all in a heart beat again :) IMG_5264 IMG_5269 IMG_5270

We all loaded the bus that would take us to our apartments and let's just say I couldn't stop staring out the window. IT WAS STUNNING! I have never seen that much greenery in my life...let's be real I've lived in Arizona my whole life. There are trees, shrubs, grass, vines, you name it and it's all around. This is my first glimpse of London's beauty. IMG_5274

Then we got to our apartments. SO CUTE! Literally everything about it is awesome! I can't believe I get to call it home for two and a half weeks. The architecture is amazing! Here is the view from my window. I mean does it get any better than this?!IMG_5276

We didn't waste anytime getting to busy! We hopped right on the underground and only got on the wrong train four times ;) Let's just say The London Tube is not the easiest thing to navigate right off the back. First tube selfie :) We were in search for a place called Bailey's, which is supposed to be one of the best fish and chips places around and it was! Check out our HUGE order of fish and chips! IMG_5286

It was such an awesome night with awesome people!! Stay tuned for day two!