Chelsea's Senior Session | Arizona Professional Photographer | Brooke Marcella Photography

As you all know I am such a dog lover, so when Chelsea brought up the idea of brining her puppy, Sophie (who is adorable by the way!) to the session I was totally on board!! We had an awesome time hanging out and walking around campus and Sophie was equally excited to be there :) Chelsea is such a rock star and just passed her thesis and already has a full-time job at in the defense and aerospace industry for Supply Chain Management!!! I can't wait to see all the great things she is going to accomplish! 2014-04-05_0119 2014-04-05_0120 2014-04-05_0121 These flowers are stunning!!!2014-04-05_0122 2014-04-05_0123 2014-04-05_0124 2014-04-05_0125 2014-04-05_0126 2014-04-05_0127 2014-04-05_0128 This dress was fabulous!!2014-04-05_0129 2014-04-05_0130 2014-04-05_0131 2014-04-05_0132 2014-04-05_0133 2014-04-05_0134 Who doesn't love puppy kisses :)2014-04-05_0135 2014-04-05_0136 Of course we had to do a little solo shoot for Sophie ;)2014-04-05_0137