Anthony Joseph's Newborn Session | Arizona Professional Photographer | Brooke Marcella Photography

We all know how cute baby AJ's session was at the hospital and you probably thought 'OMG he cannot get any cuter' well think again because his newborn session was ADORABLE!!! I loved the blues and greens of this session and we incorporated the hand-made blankets that grandma made for sweet!! It was so amazing to see Jenna and Anthony be the amazing parent's that I knew they were going to be. And of course those of you that know the Garcia family you know that we HAD to get some wrestling shots in there :) 2014-04-05_0092 2014-04-05_0093 That little smile...I died!2014-04-05_0094 2014-04-05_0095 2014-04-05_0096 2014-04-05_0097 2014-04-05_0098 IN LOVEEEE!!!2014-04-05_0099 2014-04-05_0100 2014-04-05_0101 2014-04-05_0102 2014-04-05_0103 Such amazing parents :)2014-04-05_0104 2014-04-05_0105 2014-04-05_0106 2014-04-05_0107 2014-04-05_0108 2014-04-05_0109 2014-04-05_0110