Ted Talk Tuesday Vol. 2 | Arizona Professional Photographer | Brooke Marcella Photography

I've always been a people pleaser and that is one trait I love about myself. I genuinely care about people, especially my clients because I want them walking away with the best experience possible and I want them to feel more beautiful than they did when we started this process! One of the first things I hear when I start a session is "oh I photography terrible" or "I'm always so awkward in photos"...sure not all of us are Tyra Banks, BUT each one of us is beautiful in our own way and I like to show my clients their beauty. This talk really hit home with me because in anything you do you must have a purpose. Why do you do what you do? 

First of all, I do what I do because I absolutely LOVE it!!! Second of all, I do it because I want my clients to love having their picture taken. I create an experience and I want my clients to look forward to the experience. Most of all I want them to feel beautiful. Lastly, I do what I do because I cherish special moments. We all get so busy with school, work, the kids, the spouse, cooking, cleaning, and life in general that we just fast forward past the most important times in our lives and don't have any way to remember those moments. Photographs are one of the easiest and simplest ways to capture that moment, so take a minute to take a break from everything and live in the moment.

I will end with this quote, "The best camera you have is the one that's with you."

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