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Photos by Brooke Marcella Photography I love love love living in Arizona. Sure we have to endure the 110-degree summers, but for me it is totally worth it. Drive three hours you have tons of snow, just two hours away is beautiful red rocks, and we have the Grand Canyon, so that trumps everything ;)

This weekend I had a little ‘stay-cation’ in Sedona and I love it there! The scenery is unbelievable and stunning. It makes me feel like I don’t live in the desert that is a sauna especially since it was 20-30 degrees the whole time…and let’s just say me and the cold do not get along. But it was so nice to just get away and forget about school and work and just relax. We played cards, cooked amazing food, and I’ll admit it, we were pretty lazy :) We did have one late night adventure in search of ice cream and let’s just say we were not successful LOL. Andy let us to the creepy woods to only find that the Dairy Queen was closed, as well as Cold Stone. I guess we shouldn’t want ice cream at 9PM anyway ;)

Here is a little piece of my vacation and I even got behind that camera a little and taught Andy a little photo lesson! And I also kinda love having my picture taken :)

Photos by Brooke Marcella Photography
Photos by Brooke Marcella Photography I am a karate master in my spare time :) Photos by Brooke Marcella Photography brookemarcella.comPhotos by Brooke Marcella Photography