Arizona's Sunset | Arizona Professional Photographer | Brooke Marcella Photography

Photos by Brooke Marcella Photography I love living in Arizona and could not imagine living anywhere else. I love the weather (even at 110 degrees), the people, the food, and it doesn't get any better than Arizona sunsets.

This weeks Photography Awesomesauce Challenge was landscapes during the “golden hour”. The golden hour is this magical time around sunset when the light is just perfect. I love participating in this challenge because it is pushing me to do things that I normally wouldn’t do. If it weren’t for this week’s challenge I would have not stood outside for 20 minutes taking pictures of the sky waiting for the sun to hit the perfect spot. But man oh man was it worth the wait. :)

If you want to participate in the challenge CLICK HERE!

Photos by Brooke Marcella Photography brookemarcella.comPhotos by Brooke Marcella Photography