All About Me Mondays | A Weekend In Pinetop | Brooke Marcella Photography

2013_7_14BlogPinetop-14 I some how managed to vacation two weekends in a row! YAY!!!! I was packed and ready to roll the night before and as soon as my boyfriend, Andy, got off work we hit the road. It was a weekend filled with delicious Mexican food (my fav!), family, laughter, and laziness, which is absolutely necessary on vacation, right? I even found this perfect belt that I am going to turn into a collar for Sasha, and yes it is turquoise! The weather was fabulous at 70-80 degrees the entire trip, unfortunately it only sprinkled once, so I couldn’t use my brand new windshield wipers :(

All in all it was a great getaway, except when we tried to leave and I locked my keys in the truck…oops! But Andy came to the rescue and got it unlocked with our little contraption that we made out of paint sticks and duck tape ha. Now I guess duck tape really does fix just about everything ;)

It’s pretty hard to get away between Andy’s schedule, and mine but I think it is very important to find that time and get away from work, school, and life in general.  Now for the good stuff…. all the pictures!

XOXO Brooke

My little glimpse of rain!


Now for all my iPhone/Instagram pic :)