All About Me Monday | California Trip | Brooke Marcella Photography

On Saturday morning we loaded up the car with tons of snacks and our entire luggage, I’m such an over packer too, and headed out to California for one of my good friends birthday weekend. After 8 hours in a car we FINALLY made it to the beach. The sand was warm and the water was cold, which makes for a perfect beach day! I took some pictures of my friends for fun and then one of them, Stephanie, tried to take my picture and I gave her a brief run down of manual mode. Needless to say we had to put it in auto mode :)

The next day we got up for the main attraction…SIX FLAGS! Now they some how got me to agree to go on some of the scariest rollercoasters ever built and I really don’t like rollercoasters. I put on my big girl pants and trouped through 4 rides, I did a little happy dance every time I made it off in one piece :). I didn’t want to take my camera in so you all get to see the funny Instagram/iPhone pictures we took!

I had an amazing time in California this weekend, but today it’s back home where the 110 degree heat awaits me. Another adventure lies ahead soon though, and I am so ready!

XOXO Brooke