Update | Brooke Marcella Photography | Arizona Professional Photographer

I thought about changing my business name for months now and I even asked you all what you thought and the response was that I should keep my name, B. Marcella Photography. At that point I threw out the idea of changing the name, but then it popped back into my head. I have been reading and studying and researching other photographers and their branding like it’s nobodies business. I would even go as far to say that I have been stalking my fav photographers for weeks now (yes I admit it, I’m a stalker LOL). I’ve learned that my business needs to represent what I like, want and most of all ME! The past couple weeks I’ve been hard at work thinking about my business and what I want it to be like in the future. One of the most important things to me is building relationships with my clients. With B. Marcella I felt people didn’t know who I was and with Brooke Marcella I can adequately represent myself. So between creating new logos, websites, merging my Facebook pages, and figuring out what I want it finally came together! And I LOVE IT! I wanted something clean, classy, and that represents me and this does. LogoBackgroundSmallLogoBackground

If you didn't guess...I'm obsessed with turquoise :)

This summer has been a one of focusing on where I want my business to go and I really want my clients to get to know me and what better way to do that than BLOGGING! This Monday and many more to come will now be ‘All About Me Mondays’. I will blog about my life and just about me :) I'm off to Cali for the weekend, but get ready to hear about it on Monday with All About Me Monday's Blog post!

Check out my new site as well brookemarcella.com 

I hope you are all as excited as I am and I thank you again for all your support!

XOXO Brooke

P.S. I love saying XOXO after everything because it makes me feel like I'm off Gossip Girl ;) if you don't know what that it, its a super girly TV show and you should check it out!