Lauren, Bill, and Marlee :)

It was so amazing being able to photograph Lauren and Bill for their engagement, maternity, and for their newborn Marlee! They are such an amazing couple and it's easy to see that they are beyond in love with each other :)

There is a little funny story that goes along with baby Marlee's session :) So I arrived around 11AM and Lauren said she hadn't slept much and had been fussy. When she told me this I thought perfect, she'll just pass right out since she hasn't slept. Little did we know Marlee had a little plan of her own! She stayed awake for our entire 2 and 1/2 hour session, until about the last 20 minutes when we were just about finished, then the little one decided that it was time for a nap. I learned a lot from this session and realized newborns don't care if they are on schedule or not :) Even though things didn't go as planned we still had an amazing session!