You can see all the of the policies in the contract, but here they are in not so legal terms :) 


A $500 non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding. All payments that are made are non-refundable. 


If you wish to cancel or agreement you must sign a cancellation agreement and I reserve the right to hold all payments as liquidated damages. If I cancel our agreement their must be a signed agreement and I reserve the right to hold the $500 non-refundable retainer. 


After the final payment is received you will get limited copyright meaning I still retain all the copyright and you get printing rights where you can print the pictures anywhere you would like. 


I get to use the photos with unrestricted use such as social media, publishing, marketing, etc. 


I am the exclusive photographer the day of the wedding. You may not hire another professional to capture your day. Friends and family are excused from this policy. 

I do not have control over how the day goes or weather and am not liable for any missed photographed. EX: Hair and make up takes 2 hours longer than expected and we only got to do 1 bridesmaid photo. 

The client is responsible for providing a meal to the photographer, assistant and 2nd photographer is applicable. 

If something where to happen to me the day of the wedding and I am unable to shoot it I will make every effort to secure a replacement. 


I will only provide edited files and will not provide any unedited or RAW files. The photographs will be delivered within 8 weeks of the wedding day and delivered via an online gallery. Read more about the deliver of files HERE.